Chapter II: Build & Release

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We talked about the Testing related takeaways from this year’s I/O event in the previous blog. We ended with a promise to follow up with Build and Release related announcements, and here we are. We try to portray a succinct summary of these talks in this chapter. Let’s see them topic by topic :

Customisable delivery and easy sharing of test builds

A plethora of new features were announced with respect to app bundles :

  1. In-app updates: 2 flavours for in-app updates were announced. Immediate and Flexible. With Immediate, the user is given a notification for a new update and on acceptance, Google Play manages the UX and the flow. With Flexible, once the user accepts for the update, the control is returned back to the application and Play notifies the application on update completion. …

Chapter I: Test

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Google conducted its coveted annual developer conference, I/O, from 7th-9th of May. The conference saw a staggering 177 sessions (including the keynotes and the fireside chats). As always, google uploads all these sessions on YouTube. So convenient for us folks, who can’t attend this conference, to sit at home and watch them — either live or later at our convenience.

But but but … can you really go through all these talks where each talk ranges from 35–60 minutes? That’s the catch, isn’t it.

We, at quiQUA, strive to keep ourselves updated with all the latest ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ with a focus on test and release domain. So to make your life a bit easier, we have shortlisted all the talks pertaining to test and release domain from the I/O and bring to you a shorthand version of these talks. …

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