Liberals, Get Over Your Obsession With Sarah Palin

Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

From the moment of Brexit to Donald Trump taking the throne of power away from the establishment, the echo chambers from leftist circles is engaged in constant freak-out mood.

Liberals in the United Kingdom are perplexed their Prime Minster, Theresa May, met with President Trump to discuss trade agreements, because how dare she perform her job. Some members in the U.K. Parliament want to ban Trump. And some British citizens remain convinced they can overthrow Brexit. They can’t.

Meanwhile, in the United States, members of my party, liberals, have protested ad nauseam. They’re either angered at President Trump’s executive order that called for extreme vetting from seven majority Muslim countries (warranted) — to holding political bitterness that Trump nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court — believing the seat was stolen from Judge Merrick Garland under President Obama (again, warranted). Also, liberals seem to be bathing in sweat from the heat wave of anger towards many of Trump’s cabinet picks, like Betty DeVos and Jeff Sessions (now confirmed).

Look, I disagree with President Trump on a mired of issues but he won the presidency. Therefore, he gets to set the tone for the direction of our country within the parameters of the law and the Constitution. Thus it’s important that liberals pick their battles wisely.

One of the more recent outcries was a battle we shouldn’t have entertained.

A few week ago, rumors swirled that President Trump was considering former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to become U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

Mary Papenfuss of The Huffington Post reports, Canadians were “freaking out.” According to Papenfuss, Parliament Nathan Cullen of the New Democrat Party told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that Canadians wouldn’t take Sarah Palin seriously, “… [Palin] wouldn’t know the truth ‘if I jumped up and knocked her on the head.’”

Cullen also compared Palin’s “truth telling,” to President Trump’s love of “alternative facts.”

Cullen’s concern about Palin’s sometimes fabrication to claims on certain issues, like the “death panel,” lie about Obamacare or that President Obama was responsible for her son’s alleged case of domestic abuse due to his PTSD is warranted. However, I also think Cullen jumped the gun and was too harsh and too emotional, because the story was just a rumor floating in the political atmosphere.

Remember, not too long ago, stories floated that Palin was in talks to become VA Secretary. Later, we learned that in fact, Trump had chosen David Shulkin and there was never confirmation that Palin was even up for the role, anyways. So why become agitated to something that was more-than-likely untrue, Mr. Cullen?

Even if the story turned out to be true, Canadians should have welcomed the news with an open mind — even in light of one’s different political leaning and reservations based on her image as a perceived polarizing figure?

Progressive Canadians (and liberal Americans) have to reconcile that Trump is President of the United States now, and we all must stop overreacting to every decision coming from the White House.

Besides, Palin is a strong woman and was more than capable of representing America well on the stage in “diplomacy and encouraging foreign policy and culture ties,” as the Chron website describes the role.

Palin is very qualified, unlike some of Trump’s other picks in his administration. In 1992, she was elected to the Wasilla City Council. Palin became Wasilla’s mayor in 1996. A few years later, in 2013, she was appointed the chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She was the youngest, and first women elected Governor of Alaska.

Arizonian Senator, John McCain, would later ask her to join the Republican ticket as his mate as Vice President. Republicans lost in 2008, but Palin would go on to have a successful, and often, a controversial career in news media. And we all know she’s capable of holding her own in a political fight.

What more could you have asked for in an Ambassador?

Honestly, why are women expected to be overly perfect to take on a high stake, demanding job? Why are women the bearers of overt criticism?

Via Twitter:

BoozeDonkey stated, “Just cus @SarahPalinUSA ‘probably’ knows the difference between a moose & a beaver shouldn’t make her a Canadian ambassador option.

BruceBartlet said, “Unconfirmed report — Canada plans to respond to insult of Sarah Palin being US ambassador by naming Justin Bieber as Canadian ambassador.

Then, @BFriedmanDC griped, “Many journalists think they’re above asking gotcha questions. As if it’s petty. But gotcha questions saved us from having VP Sarah Palin.”

A bit much don’t you think?

I don’t often agree with Palin’s politics but she may have surprised us all and “slayed” as U.S. Ambassador to Canada, but now we’ll never know, as Kelly Knight is be touted for the role instead.

Thus, another time wasted on phony outrage. Liberals, we’ve got to better. Focus people, focus.

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