White Women Marched with ‘Unite The Right’ in Charlottesville, Virginia Too

As our country heals from the shock of witnessing another white supremacy (Charlottesville, VA) protest take place in the millennial, and under President Trump, the narrative irresponsibly continues to downplay the role of white women’s involvement in hate groups.

The last I checked, the warped, snowflake, backward mentality of white supremacy membership isn’t exclusive to white males only.

In fact, white women have a long and continued relationship with swearing allegiance to the Swastika (ref: Eva Braun and Hitler’s relationship) and the Confederate flag. Annoyingly though, the media and history books act as though only white men are the sole racist’s ones hurling degrading language at Jews, Muslims, Blacks and other marginalized groups. A prime example is, the media’s focus on the white men of Unite The Right protest turned riot. But there were plenty of white women siding with the hate regurgitated by Unite The Right.

Our media, and country as a whole, continues to assert the narrative that white women are innocent of past and present oppression as if they’ve only been victims of abuse like minorities. Of course, only a fool believes white women’s hands are free of blood from human suffering. Emmett Till is proof of this deception.

Other examples of white women’s knack for participating in racism:

Susan Smith, a white female, accused a black man of carjacking while her three children were in the back seat. After multiple black men were stopped and frisked, and questioned, later the police discovered that Smith drowned her children.

Bonnie Sweeten, a white woman, accused two black men of kidnapping her. The media associated her actions with mental disturbance, but Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. of The Root refers to this as, “blame a black man,” syndrome. Burton is one hundred percent correct. White women for decades have falsely accused the black male of crimes they never committed.

But when it turns out the black man is innocent, the media doesn’t apologize; instead, the headline quickly moves on to another possible crime committed by a black man. The end goal in our dark fragment of our country is not to offer an apology to innocent black men, but to find another example to continue the narrative that black people are susceptible to criminology against white folks. You must fear the black man, is the message.

Breana Harmon Talbott, another white woman, is now sitting in prison after it was discovered she lied about three black men kidnapping and raping her. Talbott punishment is an anomaly in this country, as white women have gotten away with racist crimes and lies for decades.

Here’s the hard truth: White women aren’t that innocent (excuse the Britney Spears pun).

A quick Google image search of past and present conflicts and protests, and you will see plenty of white women in attendance at hangings and KKK rallies with glee. The media, however, seems stymied by telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The media willingly neglects to mention the role white women have played in supporting white supremacy as they burned crosses on black people’s property, cheered as cops assaulted blacks in the streets in the sixties, participated or acted ignorantly as their spouse and male family members raped blacks. And white women most definitely attend hangings of blacks too (including other minorities like Latnix people).

White women have shown for generations (like some who voted for Donald Trump) how capable they are at demoralizing human beings that have done nothing to deserve their degradation and repulsion. With all the readily accessible information about white women’s roles in hate; still, our country treats them like delicate flowers, white lilies, who are too sensitive to criticize.

But those of us who refuse to engage in the media’s whitewashing know better, including many white people. Americans who are disgusted by racists see every single white woman who leans on bigotry for survival and approval — including those white women who walked side-by-side with the men on the side of Unite The Right in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Hopefully, one day, our country and media will call out these racist and complacent white women for exactly who they are, traitors to their race, religion, and country.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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