18 years ago I followed my heart down the Mississippi River to the bayous of south east Louisiana. I must say that my soul found its home and I have not looked back since. The love and culture that can be found up and down I10 is unimaginable. I now have the honor of being in a community of musicians who take the time to invest in each other and share selflessly to ensure that generations to come will have access to opportunities to live in their passion and share the story of traditional music while preserving the historic traditions of our people.

This Tuesday I witnessed this community of artists engulf a family with love, to help support them in the time when they need it most. It became evident to me that even though the roots of the Marsalis family are in New Orleans the branches of their tree reach far and wide. The list of musicians that showed up to serenade the family included Wycliff Gordon, Jeff Tain Watts, Victor Goins, Roger Lewis, Herlin Riley, Kirk Joseph and Terence Blanchard. are your Mrs Delores Marsalis did a magnificent job raising 6 opinionated, trustworthy and ambitious young men. Grateful am I to have had the opportunity to share in the homegoing celebration and experience one of the most joyous traditions I have ever experienced.

Take care, the greatest gift we have is influencing the lives of young ones around us.

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