Top 10 Popular Quizzes On Quibblo

Anime Freak — Some people like anime, but others obsess over it, so find out if you’re a big anime freak or not

Stampy Cat— I came up with the idea when I was sick and laying bed. Good luck and eat cake!

What Movie Should I Watch? — It’s one of those silly, yet needed questions in life. What are we watching tonight? I’ve got some really nice films in mind that could spice up any movie night. Let’s find out which matches your mood. :)

Sexy Anime? — Well your result will be a sexy picture of an anime girl. ;)

What Pokemon are You? — This quiz will tell you what pokemon you would be.

God Tier— This quiz will determine your god tier aspect!

(Remember: Your god tier class ultimately affects your relationship with your aspect, and you can end up either utilizing or destroying your given aspect.)

Kemonomimi— Kemonomimi, the Japanese word meaning “animal girl.” The literal translation of the Japanese word “mimi” means ear, and is applied because of the ubiquity of anthropomorphic ears applied to these halflings.

Anime Wolf — I luv anime!! My friend and I created a actual, published, comic book about four anime wolves. Now I want to quiz u on them to see which one your like!! My friend drew all the pics himself!! Comment on how you like them^-^

Mary Sue Test — Ah, Mary Sues… The most hated beings in the world of fiction. Mary Sues are flawless, uninteresting, special snowflakes (BELLA SWAN jkjk). This quiz might be a bit off, so don’t blame me. If you’re not sure about your results, I’d take the Litimus Test.

What Do I Want For Christmas? — Just select all the presents you want for Christmas