3 Simple ways to make money by posting free classified ads:

Mar 25, 2017 · 2 min read

Today everyone wants to make extra money but they actually do not know how they can make money. so don’t worry here I will tell you how to make money by simply free classified ad posting.

There is 3 simple but effective way to make money by free classified ad posting:


Generally, online classified ads platform used for buy and sell items locally, only a few people know that those classified sites are the very best platform to make money online. Here presenting 3 useful option to make money on free classified websites:

Selling Products: Earlier I have told you that on classified websites you can buy and sell their used products. The classified website became the most powerful platform to deal with local buyers and sellers but you can use these platform for serious buying and selling.

There are 2 ways for that:

  • By reselling seller’s products.
  • By selling your local products within a more wider area.

By selling reseller’s product: You can buy products from classifies seller’s to sell them locally. If you think that your purchased product has more demand outside your locality then you can resell those products on a same classified website.

By selling your local products within a more wider area: This is the simplest way you can post free classified ads of your unused items on those websites, one thing keep in your mind that classified advertising work for local customers who can meet physically.

Promoting Other’s business: Many companies are promoting their business by posting free classified ads. you can join their ad posting program and make money by simply every single ad posting. It’s basically called ads posting jobs.

There are so many ads posting companies there where you can post free ads.

Promoting Referral Program: There are so many referral programs these also known as the paid to join program. on these platforms, you can earn money by simply referring others. You can earn commission by getting more people under you.

Referral program quite different from affiliate programs. Here nothing to sell, you just make referrals as much you can.

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