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Peter, humans are responsible for all the CO2 that has been added since the IR…that’s about 125ppm of the current 405ppm. This has accounted for all of the warming for at least the past 50 yrs. The sun, as in TSI, has been in a slight cooling phase for 40+ yrs, so that has actually helped to keep warming down slightly. PDO phases (La Ninas and El Ninos) provide a natural cooling and warming to the overall picture, so they are accounted for when measuring global temps. The other primary driver is orbital forcing as described by Milankovitch theory….also in a slight cooling phase. So, all natural forcings should be slightly cooling the climate, yet it is warming. What other than human GHG emissions can possibly explain it? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

If there were another plausible explanation, i.e hypothesis, it would be getting plenty of attention. There isn’t.

Additionally, I have bio and chem degrees and 30+ yrs consulting across numerous disciplines in the science community, most of it climate science related for the past decade. I know what I’m talking about. So, instead of asking me “are you really that ignorant?”, you should be asking the same to the guy in your mirror.

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