Why is QuickBooks The Best-Rated Accounting Software Of 2017?

No one can but deny the fact that QuickBooks is one of the most user-friendly accounting software for small enterprises. This software is well-built and contains features that are unparalleled with any other accounting software. Let’s check out why this software has been rated as one of the best accounting software of 2017.

  1. Fantastic workflow facility- QuickBooks has in it the AP automation facility that allows user maintain records with accuracy, give a 3600 accounts payable visibility, get electronic invoice approvals, allow reporting for multiple companies in one place and easy accessibility option.

2. Massive user base- with QuickBooks online today reaching a mark of 1.57 million people across the world, QuickBooks is one big name in the market today. The software updates it’s different versions each passing year. Such updates actually make the software improved in terms of feature and also leveling the product in the market competition.

3. End-to-end Client communication facility- whether it is through chat support, phone or via email, if you are a user of QuickBooks Accounting software you know you will get the 24x7 client support service.

4. Smart & customized service feature- right from recording sales record to checking out the sales lead on QuickBooks, this software provides one with adequate options. The interface of QuickBooks has been made after much research. In fact, it’s not just the sales that can be recorded easily with this software, but QuickBooks also simplifies the billing process accurately.

5. Payment reminders- QuickBooks has the automated billing system that notifies customers on payments, dues, and other areas. No matter how busy the owner is, but the payment notification allows them to follow up with their customers on billing on a weekly basis until the invoice is cleared.

6. Works as a financial advisor- Owners not just creates and tracks the budget on QuickBooks software, but they can actually get an overview of how their business is performing so far. This is why; it gets easier for the business to act timely on the areas which are not performing better.

Thus with everything present on this software for business, it amply justifies why businesses prefer QuickBooks. They know with QuickBooks software in hand, invoicing to bookkeeping to billing; this software can give one everything that they need all in one place. And most importantly it saves both time and money that’s so special for any small business at the end of the day.

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