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QuickBooks referred to as the QB is the best accounting software to integrate multiple tools to create your company accounting method a hurdle-free one. This amazing software is popular due to its reliable, certain and precise calculations that save your time when it comes to the proper management of your company accounts.

Quickbooks Features!

With the help of QuickBooks, you can perform a variety of accounting tasks. Below are some of them:


QuickBooks bookkeeping automates normal bookkeeping duties such as entering transactions, calculating, and arranging information to balance your books.

Sales tax

QuickBooks has an integrated sales tax calculator for calculating sales tax based on where you are, what you sell, and sales receipt or invoice email.

Manage and pay bills

Track your bills in one location and their due dates so you always pay on time and prevent late fees. Set up automatic payments to pay you for your bills.


Creating QuickBooks custom, professional company reports. Access your balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of revenue and more than 50 other accounts quickly.

Create invoices

Create invoices and receive payment quickly. By credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and more, your clients can pay. We process the payment and transfer it to your bank account.

Bank reconciliations

QuickBooks imports and organizes your banking transactions. You will only spend minutes reconciling your accounts when you obtain your bank statement.

Expense tracking

Business expenditures are easily tracked throughout the year to get every tax deduction. QuickBooks sorts cost into categories of expenditures automatically and keep them organized for you.

Scan receipts

Turn your phone’s camera into a receipt scanner using the QuickBooks app. Snap a receipt picture and QuickBooks will add it in your books at the cost.

Create estimates and quotes

For a potential client, it creates professional estimates and quotes. QuickBooks will convert it to invoices once an estimate is approved and monitor everything for you.

Progress invoicing

Accept payments as you go with QuickBooks ‘ advance invoicing feature. Incremental billing and payment throughout the work or project.

Above are some of the features that makes it different from others. As a popular product among individuals operating tiny and big businesses, QuickBooks has its own shortcomings that can be reported and fixed instantly by contacting the QuickBooks Support team.

Let’s now move to QuickBooks technical errors that users can face when using it.

Quickbooks technical errors!

  • Issues with the Quickbooks Online Services
  • Issues with the Quickbooks Invoice Printing
  • You can’t set up your business.
  • Upgrade of old Quickbooks.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your daily tasks.
  • Data files updating
  • Data files rebuilding
  • Quickbooks in multi-user mode is running slowly.
  • When the company files connection is lost.
  • Compatibility issues with DNS.
  • Quickbooks crashes when online banking is deactivated.
  • QB abort Error.
  • On Quickbooks, you can not distinguish private costs from company expenditures.
  • Can’t get Quickbooks
  • Quickbooks backup
  • Quickbooks reconciliation errors.
  • Issues with QuickBooks Payroll.
  • Quickbooks services for data repair.
  • Printing issues with the new printer.

What are the various Quickbooks versions?

QuickBooks has the capability to become one of the strongest pillars your business can thrive on to grow every day, regardless of whether it’s a start-up or a thriving business. All your time and energy can be invested in making critical choices depending on the information QuickBooks offers. It is no secret that choices taken on the basis of information are usually lucrative.

Along with the amazing features, Quickbooks has come up with its variants also. The variants came into existence considering the needs and demands of the growing industries.

Basically, there are two main versions of QuickBooks, QuickBooks desktop and Quickbooks online.

Quickbooks online over quickbooks Desktop!

  1. Invoice / Sales Receipt Automation — Although Desktop has memorized transactions, they still need to be sent manually to the client. The “recurring transactions” of QBO’s counterparts can be set up to be automatically sent to the customer by email and the user/owner of QBO can be copied on each.
  2. No Need to Transfer Data or Share Computer Time–Since you can access the QBO information of your client by being invited as an accountant customer and signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, there is no need to transfer backup files, Accountant Copy files or attempt to arrange to login to the computer of your client. You and your customers can operate whenever you need, without worrying about what the other one does.
  3. Automatic reporting of emails–another excellent one! Memorize a QBO report, add it to a group, then set the group to be regularly emailed to you or your client. For instance, you can send their financials to your customers every month without actually logging into QBO! The best part is that the person who set it up is the email “from the address.”

Quickbooks Desktop over quickbooks online!

While Quickbooks online has all the above-given advantages, below are some of the Quickbooks desktop.

  • Order sales.
  • Assemblies of inventory.
  • Invoice progress.
  • Partial purchase orders receiving
  • Statement writer of QuickBooks.

Further, Quickbooks Desktop has its sub-editions as:

  1. Quickbooks Pro:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro introduced back in the early 90s, is the product that brought QuickBooks to the attention of the world. This local QuickBooks version provides a host of extremely sophisticated tools and characteristics that have made it popular among both SMEs and accounting companies.

Quickbooks Pro is suitable for:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is appropriate for medium to tiny companies that require a solid set of characteristics and powerful accounting functionality. However, some of the features of the program may be somewhat overkilling for small businesses that don’t need such in-depth tools.

While QuickBooks Desktop’s locally installed version offers little in terms of scalability, hosting the program on the cloud is a lengthy way to solve this problem. Businesses can add or remove users and characteristics based on their particular demands with cloud-hosted QuickBooks Pro. This gives them the scalability and customizability they need a lot.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is packed with a broad range of characteristics, as we just stated. There are few (if any) alternatives on the market that can match QuickBooks Pro for functionality and the sheer amount of characteristics if you consider it just as an accounting program. QuickBooks ‘ version features 130 reports, bank reconciliation, newspaper entries, account chart, and much more.

2. Quickbooks Premier:

QuickBooks Premier provides the same excellent accounting characteristics as QuickBooks Pro but provides more industry-specific characteristics and customers. QuickBooks Premier is a locally installed variant of QuickBooks, just like QuickBooks Pro. It offers many sophisticated characteristics and a respectable amount of integrations.

Quickbooks Premier is suitable for:

QuickBooks Premier is best for small and medium-sized enterprises with 5 or fewer customers and requires a strong accounting program specific to the industry.

Intuit has optimized QuickBooks Premier to provide superior accounting features. Like the’ Pro ‘ version, a steep learning curve is involved in QuickBooks Premier. This version, however, provides much more characteristics than the Pro does. These include forecasts of sales, company plans and assemblies of inventories.

Before you decide to invest in QuickBooks Premier, it’s essential to see if your business needs specific characteristics from the industry. You wouldn’t want the features you don’t need to waste cash.

3. Quickbooks Enterprise:

QuickBooks Enterprise is the flagship QuickBooks version. QuickBooks Enterprise offers much more storage space and offers access for up to 30 clients as well as the exceptional accounting abilities you get with the versions Pro and Premier.

This QuickBooks version is accessible in 6 industry-specific versions and has all the sophisticated characteristics needed to meet the requirements of a large business.

Quickbooks Enterprise is suitable for:

QuickBooks Enterprise is appropriate for big organisations with 30 or fewer customers looking for advanced accounting features specific to the industry.

When considering the sheer amount of characteristics it provides, QuickBooks Enterprise is as close as you can to full-fledged software for business management. QuickBooks Enterprise provides a broad range of advanced tools in relation to the strong accounting functionality with which QuickBooks products are synonymous. These include invoicing, contact management, cost of work, monitoring of expenses and much more.

Like the Pro edition, with around 200 third-party apps, QuickBooks Enterprise can also be incorporated.

4. Quickbooks For Mac:

If you opt to use Mac computers to run your company, there is also a QuickBooks variant for you. QuickBooks for Mac provides all of QuickBooks Pro’s features for Windows except the ability to create a copy of the accountant.

It also offers a number of Mac-specific characteristics, such as Mac OS address book synchronization and iCal. Furthermore, consumers have access to a free online magazine for Mac users published exclusively for QuickBooks.

5. Quickbooks Payroll:

It is one of the most widely used accounting software. It is used by organizations to mage their payroll processing efficiently.

Some of the features of this software are:

  • Direct Employee Deposit

You have the choice to deposit the payroll of your employee straight into the checking or savings bank account of your employee.

  • Updates of payroll

These payroll updates have the most present and precise rates and calculations for state and federal tax tables endorsed, forms of payroll tax and e-file and payment choices.

  • Client-ready payroll reports

Client-ready reports allow accountants to readily provide professional-looking documents of each payroll run and evaluate the payroll expenses of a client at the end of economic reporting periods (month, quarter, and year).

  • No tax penalties guaranteed

If the information you provide is precise, on time, and your account is adequately financed, your payroll tax deposits and filings will be on time and precise or the resulting payroll tax penalty will be paid.

Get Quickbooks Support phone number!

The toll-free phone number I-8OO-986–46O7 of QuickBooks support can be reached 24/7 to connect with the professionals trained to assist you to solve any kind of QuickBook associated problems. Under highly secured servers, support executives can even provide remote assistance and diagnose the problem within a few minutes of the time period.

Technical QuickBooks support team that operates day and night to fix queries linked to QuickBooks are trained to listen to a user’s reporting mistakes, bugs, and glitches and then develop feasible methods to clear them.

The support team’s friendlier strategy will make a client feel safe and secure and trust them with the resolution process.

Even with fresh bugs and failures occurring around the QuickBooks software every day, the support team remains updated and has the problem-solving capabilities to remove any kind of obstacle that has disturbed QuickBooks users in one manner or another.

Our team!

The team behind the QuickBooks client support is known to be the finest technicians in the sector, and with their prompt guidance, you’re about to discover a secure alternative worthy of the cash you’re spending on. The engineers and technicians work hard to provide the friendly QuickBooks assistance you want to get to them in any situation.

Choose us for the best services!

We are the best in the industry as we provide resolutions to all the QuickBooks errors. The solution we deliver are instant. Also, we are available to help our customers round the clock.

Once you connect with our experts, they will help you to resolve the issues in a very polite manner.

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