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How to Fix Quickbooks Error -6177, 0

Quickbooks Error -6177,0 is also Data base error when you software is not able to Connect to your software’s Company file.

Root Cause : When you software has Policy Issue. Your software Unable to Locate company file.

You may be wonder How to fix this error !

Well let me tell you it’s really easy to fix this issue Just follow few steps and your software will be up and Running. If we go by book 0f Intuit Solutions than follow these steps :

  • First step is relocation of Company file. Since this issue is related to QuickBooks Enterprise your company may be located on server just move that file on your computer C drive and try to open may be this going to work.

If doesn’t then follow next step:

  • Step 2 : Sometimes new update could also resolve such issues. All you gotta do go to Quickbooks help and Run latest update may be this will resolve your issue.

If still problem continues then follow next step:

  • You can try to run QuickBooks file doctor. It’s small utility .

Last but not the least finally solution is work manually and follow these steps:

  • By deleting Network data file or .nd file could also resolve this issue
  • Just open folder where your QuickBooks data file or Company file is located or you can directly search in windows by typing QBW.nd.
  • Optimization of your QuickBooks data base manager could also fix this issue.

If still this error persist you can always reach our technical team at 1844 556 6315.