Learn How to Add a Pay Now Button to Your QuickBooks Invoice | QuickBooks Technical Support

QuickBooks has become a quite familiar name in the business world. One should contact QuickBooks Technical Support (+1 833–228–2822) to resolve the related technical issues. Besides accounting and management responsibilities, there are many more features to count from.

How versatile is QuickBooks in terms of features it offers?

Every separate version of QuickBooks has different advantages and features to offer. Here is a brief overview of what is stored with different versions.

· QuickBooks Pro

· QuickBooks Premier

· QuickBooks Enterprise

· QuickBooks Payroll

· QuickBooks Accountant

· QuickBooks Point of Sale

The Pro version is useful for the small as well as medium businesses. They require some specific features that are provided by this one version. It offers accurate solutions for small and medium businesses.

The Premiere version has more in features to offer. It offers more solutions than the Pro version.

The Enterprise version has combined features of the above-mentioned two versions. Hence, its prices are a bit higher than them.

The Payroll version is used to manage the payroll part of the business. It handles tough calculations.

The Accountant version is used to manage the accounts, probably the most important component of business.

The Point of Sale is used to track live sales and maintain the trade records.

What is the utility of QuickBooks in payment and transactions?

As it is quite common fact that QuickBooks finds its applications in bank transactions and payments, it has numerous features to offer this service. One can easily:

· Increase the cash flow

· Reduce the aged receivables

· Grow his or her business

· Reduce the stagnancy in business

Now, how to add a pay now button to QuickBooks invoices?

There are following steps to perform the above-mentioned action:

· The user needs to have QuickBooks online

· He needs to activate intuit payments

Having an online activated account, it becomes easier to send and receive online payments through QuickBooks online.

· From the QuickBooks Online Homepage, click Quick create button

· Add a new invoice

· Fill the newly created invoice

· Save and send to the desired customer

· Preview the invoice before sending

· Select the payment option from Bank transfer, credit card and others

· Now Save and Close

These are some steps to add a pay now button to the QuickBooks invoices to manage the payments and transactions easily. However, these may not be completely dependable. So, it is better to consult the technical support team for:

· A 24/7 active and uninterrupted service

· Required technical assistance instantly

· Deep analysis of problems

· An in-depth research of problems

Besides all this, one can get many more kinds of technical assistance. The concerned users need to contact QuickBooks Tech support Phone Number (+1 833–228–2822).

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