Introducing: Container Services

Jun 30, 2017 · 2 min read

Quickload is in a constant state of innovation. We work hand in hand with shippers, trucking companies, and many other logistics professionals to keep our platform up to date with the industry and its needs. This is precisely how Container Services was born.

New feature

This week we’re very excited to finally launch Container Services, a new feature within our app that gives shippers more flexibility when it comes to selecting the number, size, and type of containers they need to complete their shipment. This process makes it easier for shippers to find carriers with the necessary permits and equipment to pick up or drop off containers at the Port of Miami and the Port of Everglades. It’s definitely a step forward in making Quickload a full-freight solution for all of your shipping needs.

The feature is embedded right into the QuickQuote process that allows you to get a quote for your shipments within seconds. You just need to input a few details about the containers you need (number, type, size) along the pick-up and drop-off addresses and you’re good to go.

Container Services — Quickload

Learn more about Quickload Container Services.

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