Open Trading Platform, Stacking System and Mobile App Release

Dear Quickone Members,

Once again we are thank you for your patience and trust on Quickone ICO

We are finally Open Stacking and Trading Platform and Mobile App

Here is some great features and functions of the mobile app we would like to introduce to you:

  • Display of QO wallet address and QO balance
  • History transactions of QO
  • Send and receive QO easily

Also you can use your app for stacking function and to receive interest or make an withdrawal in your mobile app easily.

By using the mobile app you can quickly make any transactions to send or to receive QO

QO Mobile App will be available for IOS and Android

The stacking system of Quickone with multiple stacking packages in many difference level of commission which will be payback direct to members wallet daily with the highest interest rate up to 43% per month

Our exchange platform with the system will keeps updating data and price of Bitcoin and ETH to calculate price of QO all the time.

Thank you very much again.


Quickone Team