Old Friend

Sometimes you can feel the weight of fate. I can already feel it’s long, cold hand pressing against my back.. pushing me forward in an awkward stumble. Which path will I take? I do not know, but I can not stay in this spot forever, as much as I’d like to. The dominos of ‘destiny’ will begin to fall shortly, but I can already see it happening before my eyes. Two different results. Two different worlds. Right now they seem like two different dreams, except one will die and one will sustain. It’s not fair to the alternate outcome, really. I’m sure the odds are roughly 50/50, but who’s really to say?

I’ve felt the uneasiness of change since I was young. It creeps in during the night like a weary traveler trotting down a dirt road, in the thick of the night. Untrusted, yet full of purpose. For some reason your heart beats faster and your nights are more restless. Nothing has changed on the surface, but inside you can feel it approaching. It isn’t fair or kind. Sometimes it is an empowering movement. Sometimes it’s a violent loss. But it rocks you to your core and leaves a scar. And everytime change comes back into town, you can feel your old wounds burn and ache in remembrence.

Yeah, that old feeling is back again.


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