6th Maquette — “ Writing a letter”

“Quick Sketch teaches you to learn & come up with solutions in under a minute. You also fail or get really ‘suck’ quick.”

Writing notes. — Took 1 minute to form & balance these “writing a letter” poses. 1st try & will develop “quicksketch session” for sculptures on the next maquette.

Quick sketch is a technique I learned from the book, “Animation From Script to Screen”. A great book to read and was written by an animator named Shamus Culhane. The process not only teaches you to learn & come up with solutions in under a minute, you get to fail or get really ‘suck’ quick. Being aware that you know that you messing up big time, your exercising your brain to start thinking…thinking of better ways in doing things — fast. Shamus did this by drawing a character in a themed pose for each minute for an hour.

Writing while sitting on a bed of grass.

Today, I’m using a 10" to 12" inch tall clay maquette sculpture that I learned how to build. Taught by “SpiderZero”, aka Simon Lee at his “Concept Sculpting & Design Online Core Class”.

So the idea is, for each minute I create a pose that communicates the ‘theme of the day’ or you just come up with a character doing something.

For example, a character waiting for a bus, picking up a phone. Or you can be more descriptive like, a witch character robbing a bank. etc. It is also better to sketch on a deep interested subject or action. It’s so much fun.

Writing standing or while walking down the hall.
Writing in despair.
Writing about…shoot, I forgot. But I remember Chinese Calligraphers writing kanji on cement roads, using only a big brush & water. I wanted to do more poses like these, but it was difficult to quickly balance a standing character in under a minute. Will have to come up with a better flexible armature base.

Since I don’t have to draw, I thought it would be easy to pose the character. But I spoke too soon and I SUCK! These 1 minute sketches suck.

Using an iPhone App timer, my phone rings every 1 minute for 20 minutes. Each minute is a pose of a character writting a letter.

After the 20 minute session, I start to see how I can improve to be faster. How to quickly improve my poses or how to build the next armature. Mental assessment on how I can be more effective and efficient in the next session.

Please follow or search for progress: #simonleeadvanced

Writing laying on a damp dungeon floor.
Writing on the arm so I don’t forget.

I choose a 20 minute Quick Sketch session. If your a beginer, I suggest doing an hour session, but the reality is we don’t have alot of time mentality. To combat this, I thought 20 minutes is just right to learn something quick. And just like any skills through time, you get faster and better. Soon you’ll start to realize that a minute is an eternity. Once you get to that point, you then lessen the time to sketch the idea out, like 15 to 30 seconds for each pose.


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6th Maquette. Sculpted from memory. I still need references to form and shape the arms & legs proportionally. Building this rough maquette took an hour session.
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