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Quidd 3.0 was about the ‘Return of collecting’.

With the release, we introduced a streamlined primary market shopping experience through changes to Shop and the introduction of the Get Lucky and Buy All buttons. The largest change however was the introduction of Peer-To-Peer Selling aka, Listings.

Listings have provided a…

The theme for this release is “the return of collecting.”

But, we’re not going backwards, only forwards.

We’re revisiting the core motivations to collect (as well as adding support for more motivations), while introducing new solutions for the collecting community. In other words, we’re solving old problems with new solutions.

Express yourself and connect with the community like never before!


Want to show off the latest #Marvel set to all the other Marvel fans? How about your collection of #Proto figures or your progress in an #Event? Maybe you’ve even got a great new hashtag of your own to…

We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with Funimation and Cryptozoic Entertainment to bring the first Anime properties to Quidd! You’ll be able to collect digital stickers, cards, and more in the app for a variety of properties including for Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan — available now — and more major titles including My Hero Academia, Full Metal Panic! and Hellsing coming soon.

You can read more about our partnership in the news at:

The Anime News Network

And you can follow us or Cryptozoic on Twitter for more updates at:

Today everyone on iOS will be able to update the app and experience making Shelfies for the first time!

What’s a Shelfie? A Shelfie is a new way of displaying and playing with your collection. …

Here’s a situation you may be familiar with:

You’re moments away from an exciting new release. It’s a new set from your favorite fandom, and you know only a few items are going to be available. You start refreshing the page…

Suddenly, the set shows up, and the remaining inventory…

But first…

“Showing off is literally the driving force behind everything. Physical and digital.”

The Importance Of Showing Off

A few months ago we started a conversation with some of our first and best customers. We asked questions like: why do you use Quidd? Why do you collect rare stuff? Do you…

What does our Hasbro partnership mean for you?

You may have noticed something changed when you entered Quidd last week, or maybe you felt it in the UI. There’s good reason: this is part of Quidd’s biggest launch EVER with 4 new channels from Hasbro already — Transformers, My Little Pony, Magic: The Gathering, and Monopoly. …

Yesterday we released a new version of Quidd for iOS and Android. Here’s a rundown of the changes and why we made them:


As you’ve probably seen from multiple apps and services that you use, a new set of regulations went into effect in the European Union to govern…

May 4th, 2016. The digital sticker world was upturned when Quidd stepped onto the scene.

Two spectacular years!

This journey hasn’t been simple, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it…and it’s only just beginning. Every day our team wakes up knowing how much our fans care and how much you care…


Our mission is to change the way that people collect. We’re ushering in the digitization of owning and exchanging fine art, memorabilia, and collectibles.

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