Collector’s Council Meeting Notes

Quidd Collector’s Council Meeting Notes — September 27th, 2022

Held weekly on Tuesdays in the Collector’s Council Channel on the Official Quidd Discord.

Staff Present: Zack, Michael, Arooba, Jules

Presentation: Event Calendar presented by Zach


- Counteroffer messaging to sellers, with decline/accept option
- Auctions: filter or search for specific things, set notifications for certain items — must be escrowed before going to auction, and funds must be available to make an offer

Product Requests

- Work on better search options and fix the modal bug
- Add a buy button to the shop screen for special sales and events
- Add options to choose what notifications & emails you receive
- Free pack page where all free packs are located
- Dark mode
- Better AR function on iOS
- Automatic option setting that allows you to choose to add all to albums
- Expire all old listings
- Bulk sales

Questions & Concerns

1. Will all features being added to the web eventually be available on the apps as well?
2. Will 2FA on mobile still happen on September 30th?
3. Should favorites be limited?
4. What is best for overall user transparency in these meetings?
5. When will policies be updated?


— All features being added to the web will also be added to the apps.
— Due to the addition of coupons and time bombing credits it has pushed the date back some, so maybe 2 weeks longer.
— Policies to be updated by October 5th:

  • Staff sales
  • Collectors only to buy into sets, with one employee for testing
  • Name changes, only once then a fee is charged
  • ToS update needed

— Council meeting notes and voice recordings are to be shared with the public in a new channel in Discord with access for all users for feedback from anyone not in Council.



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