How I Accidentally Helped Elect Donald Trump
Timothy O'Leary

Great read.

I think it all ties in with the cult of celebrity, television and consumerism. We — people not on TV, not flying around in private jets, not marrying four or five supermodels — sit back and watch these celebrities seemingly having it all and wonder why we can’t have it too. So we follow them. We Tweet at them and about them. We take photographs of them or trawl through Instagram feeds filled with their faces. We fantasise what life would be like with them or as them, and that fantasy and obsession transfers over to other parts of our lives. We buy what they buy (or a cheap imitation), speak how they speak, live where they live (if we can), and then we vote for them.

Trump isn’t the first celebrity to use this for elected political power, but he does seem to be the most controversial.

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