50 days to 50 — Day 26: Let your gentleness be known to everyone

Heartened by an unexpected message from the day.

In the reading from the service today Paul is writing to those struggling beside him in the work and urging them to move beyond the disagreements “to be of the same mind.”

‘Let your gentleness be known to everyone.” Tears sprang into my eyes as I heard those words and thought of all those suffering and struggling along with me. And deep inside myself, that achingly, sharp chime of recognition — this is what I’ve been most afraid to share — the softness and quietness of myself.

The creative who’s shy and loves the idea of working away behind the scenes. The designer who is intrigued by how others navigate the world and is always exploring how to connect that with what we craft together. The contemplative who lives in a noisy, endlessly interactive world. The monk who seeks silence. The curious child who wants to connect deeply and collaborate with others but isn’t always sure how. The reader, the lifelong learner, the geek, the wanderer, the listener. The one who loves to simply be with people — without the need to talk. The farmer, the cook, the momma, the dancer — all of the possibilities in me.

I don’t value that quiet part of myself and fear that this is not what the world needs as it burns and blows and drowns in words, fire and pain.

So tonight, I’ll begin heading back into this work of vulnerability and sharing. I’m getting clear now — that’s exactly what I’m still on the planet to do.

Onward, gently.

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