Why do these things bother me?

It shouldn’t

It was a joke,

but was there some truth to it?

No, it was a joke.

It was a joke

It was a joke.

Just don’t think into it.



Fuck, there’s always truth to a joke.

Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense or be funny.


Stop what you’re doing.


It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


It’s unhealthy.

It’s not how you should handle these things.

Just stop.

How do I stop?

How do I know?

What would the implication even be?

If everything you thought was true turned out to be true,

what would it matter?

Would that chapter of your life close?

Just a blip on the radar?

A bump in the road?

I can’t accept that.

I can’t


Stop wringing your hands.

Stop grabbing your stomach.




It’s everything you don’t want to be.

Everything you hate.

You’re overreacting and you know it.

You know it.

You know it.

You know it.

Do I?

How do I know?

From how you see other people?

Should you pretend you aren’t bothered?

Shut it out?

No that’s unhealthy.


You have to be in-tune with your emotions,

but not too much?

How much is too much?

This is how it becomes a regular thing.


Thinking the world is out to get you.

You know damn well it isn’t.

Not everyone secretly hates you.

And you know that once you start thinking that and acting like that,

it becomes true.

You form your own fate.

Seal it with your paranoia.

Just relax.

It’s ok.

In a few days you’ll forget about it.

Just think of those words.

Think of the reassurance.

It’s true.

And of course you know that.


It’s alright,

it’s not true.

It was just a joke.

If it was meant as something serious,

it would have been presented as such.

Just take that joke and use it.

Use it as new information.

How to better yourself.

Like a vaccine.

Small amounts to let you know how to defend against it when it’s real.

Prevent it.

And when your flu comes along,

you know how to fight it.


Isn’t that better?

Aren’t you glad you worked everything out on paper?


Thank you.

But really, you guys.

Thank you.

I mean it.

Thank you.

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