All Out of Nice

I want to punch something, repeatedly and yell at someone.

I want to cry a lot.

I want to drive fast and break the law without a second thought.

I want to kiss a beautiful woman with full lips and warm eyes who has also had enough.

I want to quiet my mind and go to sleep for days.

I want to tell someone I detest to go fuck themselves.

I want to take a paper airplane housing my bitter resignation and light it on fire after it lands perfectly on my bosses desk.

I want to get deliriously drunk and make forbidden love.

I want to independently devour an entire 6-layer chocolate fudge cake after violently blowing out it’s dozen candles that represent the dozen people who pissed me off today.

I want my tongue loose enough to tell someone what I’ve always wanted to say but didn’t.

Do you ever get tired of doing the good thing, the kind thing, the right thing?

Do you ever just want to say, “Fuck it. Fuck you. Fuck me?”

I’m having this day. I haven’t caused any harm yet, except to my own brain.

I will fantasize about all the ways I’d like to spew my venom on the world, all sour and sizzling.

I want to turn my character inside out and let her ooze rampant chaos wherever she chooses.

Because the world just feels supremely shitty today.

Tomorrow will come and I’ll feel better. I just need to safely navigate the remainder of this darkened day, a day where I’m just tired of it all.

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