I feel the rising power of the mind,

infinite source of guidance and purpose.

By no means I shall impose limits on it.

By no means I shall condition and question

the unlimited faculty of the being.

I immerse myself into that inner world as

I crave transcendence.

I demand control of the mind,

and of the thoughts coming in cadence.

I finally found a cosmic space,

a space where nothing but everything exists.

A space where my thoughts are dispersed

where they float to be materialised.

I finally see the vision of my dreams.

My mind harnessed by the desire to achieve.

I can finally recreate my thoughts and my dreams.

Infinite space of possibilities that rational mind

sometimes cannot sense a deal.

How unexpected and how planned,

that I can now fulfil,

what I envisioned for so long.

I know now that I can transform myself

but why is there still that sound

trying to bring me back on time.

I fight it and I do not wish to hear

other than contentment,

other than joy and happiness.

I can now consciously breathe in and out.

I understand the sound of nothingness.

I crave enlightenment and freedom.

I envy the caress and stillness of the water.

I desire the adventure of the ethereal journey.

I will soon prepare for the departure and later

for the unknown cosmic experience.

Breathing through osmosis

I wonder what kind of particles enter my body,

radioactive cerebellum, morbid thoughts,

I regain control, self destructive chemical,

self awareness of the unconventional,

self awareness of other beings

and of the earth breathing.

I enter a mantel of solace, a rejuvenating river of space,

sea of thoughts, wave of sounds.

I feel tired yet light,

I feel wholesome yet dispersed.

I feel vacuumed through the cosmos

by a dark cyclic orbit.

I travel through time and space,

I feel the light in my face,

I see the rivers of Mars and the craters of Jupiter.

I search for silence, peace of the mind,

and acceptance of the unchangeable.

My body dispersed gravitates amongst the stars.

I try to put back all the particles together

but a strong force is still pulling me apart.

Will I be able to collect

my body particles in the cosmos dispersed.

Then… I realise that yet no light has shone and no time has passed.