That Tuesday afternoon you came by with a smile

Porque sera que cada vez que te veo my cuerpo tiembla (1)

Ya no quiero mas mi corazon lastimar asi que por favor (2)

I am sorry I said, but I wish for us to be apart,

You looked at me and said you were confused

So was I but I could not with what I said go back

So you left and I followed you with my eyes till you disappeared in the dark

And right after that I thought while saying goodbye:

Amore mio voglio trovare te (3)

Porquoi est-ce que je t’ai dit de partir? (4)

Ich muss du finden, oder ich werde sterben (5)

Since that day I never say you again

I sometimes see your face around my things

Esta bien, no quiero que vuelvas (6)

Mejor si cada cual se va por su lado (7)

Mais… tu me manques et je suis très triste sans te (8)

Porque estoy tan confundida? je ne sais pas (9)

Bitte, musst du zu mir zurückkommen (10)

Porque te lastime? No lo se (11)

Por favor vuelve a mi (12)

lloro en mi almohada cada noche por ti (13)

I guess is too late now…

perhaps one day I will find you again


(1) Why is it every time I see you my body shakes

(2) I don’t want my heart hurt any more, so please

(3) My love, I want to find you

(4) Why did I tell you to leave?

(5) I must find you or I will die

(6) It’s ok, I don’t want you to come back

(7) Better if each of us follows a different path

(8) But… I miss you and I am very sad without you

(9) Why am I so confused? I don’t know

(10) Please, you must come back to me

(11) Why did I hurt you? I don’t know

(12) Please come back to me

(13) I cry on my pillow every night for you