I saw one dream, and it was significant. I saw perfection as well as functional madness. I saw an ideal situation come to life inside my imagination! I felt, what it would feel like. It ran its fingers through my spirit, and brought me so much joy that I cried like a baby. Yes, I will admit I was high as shit.

Here is the thing.

The ideal situation can not exist, while I am a stoner. I have to give up one, for the other. Even if this ideal life is a figment of my imagination, I owe it to the myself, and the Great Big Ol’ World around me, to hold on to that Spirit that guides me! Yes, Chaos will come in and throw something at me, the proverbial Asteroid (lol) now and again, BUT I SHAN’T be thrown off course! Weed throws me off course, so I gotta let her go.

Weed will still be around when I am done. Beautiful, Luscious and Luxurious mama that Cannabis Sativa. She fucks with me, and I love it…but she is a Devil on my back.

So here, I will share with you, my sobriety. As well as my journey to being a living human, and becoming Successful anyway.

I will only show you truth. Not that you would know if I was lying (lol), but I promise to be real. I am not all fluffykins and milky eyes. I will probably offend you. I have been smoking pot for 12 years. Lovely, delicious, delectable Dank. And this is Ground Zero. I am stoned right now! What a Start eh! eh!

My goal is to write every day. SO… I vow, in full blood, (MUAHAHA!) (-;Literally, I am on my period right now;-) to replace my love of weed, with a love for writing.

See you Tomorrow.