Pinterest Pincodes — the natural bridge from physical to digital

We’re 20 years into the revolutionary step change in convenience the internet has brought into our lives. As with all revolutions, an old guard is finding it hard to adapt — in this case retailers, print businesses and all manner of physical-world businesses struggling to keep up with the pace of change and convenience offered online.

These businesses have been looking to offer similar levels of simplicity for years. A means for shoppers to see an item in store and immediately check it out online. A means for readers to be inspired and act on that inspiration rather than turn the page and forget.

Help may now be at hand. The world’s leading visual discovery engine, Pinterest, just launched unique scannable codes they’re calling Pincodes, supported by scanning experts Quikkly. The codes themselves are, thankfully, a major improvement on the old square black and white QR codes. Pincodes are colourful and circular, with space for a product or brand image in the middle.

Brands are able to include Pincodes in product materials, in-store information, print articles and more. Pinterest’s more than 200 million monthly active users are now able, with the simple scan of a Pincode using the Pinterest app’s camera, to instantly jump directly to the same product on Pinterest, along with all of the inspiration surrounding that product. You like the shoes but aren’t sure if you’ve got the dress to go with it? Scan the Pincode and Pinterest can show you ideas. That’s an online-level of convenience. Pincodes enhance the physical world experience for consumers and enable brands to have an opportunity to capture the consumer interest.

Although Snapchat have had their own scannable codes for a few years, Snapcodes are mainly focused on user-to-user interaction. Pincodes enable Pinterest’s large installed base of brands and businesses to facilitate user-to-business interaction.

It makes sense that Pinterest stepped up to the plate here. Online and offline, Pinterest is the platform people turn to when they want to record and organise everyday moments of inspiration. A beautiful chair; a tasty lunch; a unique work of art, and much more. More than any other online service, Pinterest is already the natural bridge between our physical lives and the digital world. Pincodes are the natural next step.

Pincodes are designed and developed in co-operation with Quikkly. For more about custom scannable codes, check out the Quikkly website at