The Inside Story Behind Pebble’s Demise
Steven Levy

The article is great, but it’d have been nice to mention the other players in the market too. Moto 360 still has a great fan base of serious smartwatch enthusiasts, but the lack of new watches from Motorola, LG, Huawai and others may signal that the Android Wear platform, launched in 2014, isn’t going anywhere. The Moto 360 was really the pinnacle smartwatch for the platform. The Microsoft Band 2 was a nice upgrade from the original, and while it still had many functions the competition lacked, it also didn’t gain enough traction despite the solid base of admirers. The Samsung Gear S3 has somewhat taken over Motorola’s absence with a decent smartwatch. There’s more to the smartwatch market than just Apple, Fitbit and Pebble.

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