Willful Blindness

Things that should be obvious to everyone already:

1. Most of the GOP leadership, and more than a few Democrats, have no allegiance to their party’s expressed ideals. Their talking points are fiction, meant to keep the rest of us pacified and complacent. Their allegiance is to the continuing redistribution of wealth and power FROM the many and the struggling TO those who are already wealthy and powerful. The Russian oligarchs are their allies because they are wealthy, powerful, and deviously effective.

2. Many manufacturing jobs are NEVER coming back. Computerized and robotic automation are cheaper, can be worked incessantly, and do not strike for better working conditions. The next best thing to computers and robots are slaves and peasants.

3. Climate change is real. We’re not doing enough about it because doing something about it is expensive and requires short term and long term sacrifice. Those with the economic means to contribute toward developing and implementing effective solutions would simply rather not. The wealthy prefer to let the poor suffer because the wealthy have the means to adapt.

4. Racism, bigotry, and xenophobia keep the poor and the suffering distracted. While the exploited fight amongst themselves, the exploiters hoard more resources for themselves. The wealthy do not let racism and bigotry get in the way of forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other wealthy business interests. The wealthy rarely engage in all out war with the wealthy of other races, ethnicities and nationalities.

5. We’ve got solvable problems that we aren’t solving because the solutions affect the bottom line of transnational corporate interests. Earth is ruled by parasites.