How freeCodeCamp helped me get a job and turn my life around
Adham El Banhawy

I can only imagine how much courage it took you to write this.

First, congratulations on getting into U Minnesota’s CS program, and getting an on-campus job as a developer. After all the unfortunate things that happened to you, this is a true Cinderella story.

In my previous career as a school director, I worked with lots of international students. The US has so many ridiculous barriers that prevent skilled international students from expanding their skills while contributing to the local economy. The rule that you can only work in a job related to your formal field of study is particularly arcane.

I am impressed at your adaptiveness and flexibility in the face of the bumbling employers you encountered.

It’s easy to imagine how anyone in those circumstances — alone in a foreign country, burning through their family’s money, and facing mandatory conscription upon returning home — would feel depressed.

I am moved to hear that the freeCodeCamp community provided such a life line for you, and help you stay motivated through all of this. I’m also happy that the skills you learned working through all these coding challenges helped you get your new job.

Your resilience and passion for coding will take you far.

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