VR is a dud
John Biggs

Your argument is basically that people are lazy and virtual reality is too much effort. Well, I don’t see how putting on a VR headset is much more work than:

1. finding your game controller
2. turning your TV to the right input
3. navigating through a game console’s menu interface to launch the game.

I was skeptical of VR, too. But when I finally tried out the space tourism game “Titans of Space” on the earliest Oculus Rift in a smokey bar in Osaka (and more importantly, watched other people play it), I immediately sensed that VR was the future.

It’s harder to develop for VR, and we’ll see a few generations of early adopters before the hardware becomes intuitive enough for prime time. But I’m confident it will go mainstream. Certainly long before humans are able to just “jack in” and close their eyes.

By the way, in case you have retro gaming fever and you want to go to the exact game store where that guy in the article is playing Virtual Boy, it’s called “Super Potato.”

They have an awesome collection of rare games, such as this $1,000 Mario game that was still there as of my last visit in 2014.