The freeCodeCamp open source community runs Medium’s largest technical publication. Each week, we publish more than a dozen stories on development, design, and data science.

For the longest time, I served as the publication’s sole editor. I edited and published more than 1,200 submissions. But we have always received way…

Today, the freeCodeCamp community turns 1,000 days old. We’ve accomplished a lot together in that time:

  • 6,000+ campers have gotten their first developer job.
  • 8,000+ other campers — who already had developer jobs — have used their new skills to get promoted or transition into even better jobs.
  • Campers now…

“Network” by Michael Durst

This Wednesday, websites, online communities — and all the Americans who use them — will come together to sound the alarm about the Federal Communication Commission’s attack on net neutrality.

Here’s how you can join the protest and spread the word.

Right now, new FCC Chairman and former Verizon lawyer…

An Amazon engineer built a real-time multiplayer game called StockStream, where strangers invest $50,000 of his real-life money in the stock market.

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can join the Twitch channel and vote to buy or sell stocks by typing commands like !buy APPL into the chat room
  • Every…

freeCodeCamp is now the largest technology publication on Medium. And as its sole editor, I get way more high-quality story submissions than I have time to edit and publish.

This means that I’m the biggest bottleneck — between all the developers, designers, and data scientists writing these amazing stories —…

Yesterday, a market where people trade the Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency Ethereum crashed instantly.

The value of Ether (the Ethereum currency) plunged from about US $300 to $0.10 in seconds. Then it bouncing right back up to $300.

Here’s how this extremely unlikely event unfolded:

  1. Around 12:30 pm PST the price of…

If you’re a tax-paying American, you may wonder what the shadowy National Security Agency (NSA) is doing with your money.

Well, aside from stockpiling vulnerabilities in old versions of Windows, and writing viruses that destroy nuclear centrifuges, the NSA builds and open-sources some pretty cool tech:

Today Bali Balo, a French designer and developer, published a new piece: a cube suspended in darkness that rotates on its own. As it does, it reveals different sides, each offering a glimpse into a different world:

  • a game of 3D pong
  • nested 3D shapes that slide around as the…

A team of developers just launched an open source search engine that will show you how to learn pretty much anything. It works by clustering resources into “mind maps.”

Here’s part of their mind map for web development:

Google Maps when you turn off JavaScript

A Berlin-based web developer — who codes JavaScript for a living — decided to go an entire day without JavaScript.

Let’s face it — in an insane world where the average webpage is 2.4 …

Quincy Larson

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