The Sad Demise of the Church of England
Leo (BaldieTheLimey)


Like you, my concern (as a Catholic) is that the RCC is also in a state of decline due to the same degree of modernization afflicting other religions. It is making the Orthodox argument against us look — at least at face value — increasingly …well..orthodox and right. I must admit that I often look across the fence at the Orthodox sites, wondering if I should just hop over. I hope you will write more on this matter. I realize the (RC) Church must lead us in a modern world, and that some adjustments need to be made. Yet, the RCC seems to be abandoning its original mission simply to attract and keep members.

I, too, am a convert to Catholicism. However, Mass is increasingly reminding me of the Protestant services I used to attend. This isn’t why I joined the Church!

(By the way, tell your very English dog that, as your video played, he had my very American dog woofing back at him from across the pond!)

Pax — Carole

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