The Velvet Underground

(According to Quin McKinney)

The Underground, a coffeehouse at Western Washington University, is a quirky spot on campus open to anyone and everyone. It has unique charm and is known as a favorite on-campus space to students and local Bellingham residents. The walls are lined with interesting paintings and colorful, cozy couches sit in the room in stylish places. Many people come from all over campus and even outside of Western to enjoy the space, perform and experience the events put on, such as open mic night and comedy night.

The Underground Coffehehouse serves as a social hub as well as a place to work on individual activities. It’s open to anyone who needs to use it, however, I’ve found that it’s more appealing to certain students. The Underground’s original purpose is to create a welcoming creative environment to anyone in need. If you are a musician or a comedian, the Underground Coffeehouse is for you. It holds events like open mic night and comedy night every week. Many students use it as a place to share a drink with friends and some people even plan to take dates there. Overall, just about anyone can use this space, but creative people definitely thrive here more than the average person!

Western Washington University is a great place to catch inspiration for art and music. Situated in the upper left-hand corner of America, Bellingham, Washington is home to some of the most beautiful wilderness and towns. As a musician and an artist, I am constantly finding things that inspire me and make me feel at home here in the Pacific North West. This is wonderful for me because when I create music or art I have to be in a specific sort of environment. I have to find a space that has enough visual inspiration and is not sterile. To me, the Underground is great for creating. It has a quirky feel to it and an awesome view of the Bellingham Bay. They also have comfortable couches and cute tables to sit at. It’s comfy, cozy and the view is breath-taking, what more does an artist need?

The Underground is home to live music as well as many social encounters and I think this adds to the creative vibe. Every Tuesday the Underground houses Open Mic Night. All ages are welcome to perform and show off their talents. It’s always exciting to watch fresh, talented artists pour their heart out on stage. Not to mention that when people around you are creating art and music, it makes you want to do the same. Every time I attend Open Mic night I get inspired to create and perform myself. I would definitely recommend this place to other creators and artists.

I personally think this place has little to no flaws, but some beg to differ. I can easily socialize and create at the Underground. However, some students may argue that the Underground coffeehouse is not a great place to study and they may prefer to go to the library (I don’t really get those types of people). The Underground can sometimes get loud. If you’re one of those people who prefers the silence of the 5th floor of the library, the Underground might not be right for you. You definitely have to be the kind of person who can concentrate on homework/studying very easily to be able to study in the Underground. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to work on projects with any sort of noise. I personally would not enjoy the underground as a place to study. I mostly use it for artistic and social purposes. This may be seen as a huge flaw to people who want a quiet place to study in with no distractions and they might not go to the Underground because of this.

Once I spent a generally large chunk of time at the Underground Coffeehouse (and drank a generally large amount of coffee), I think that I got a pretty good understanding of what the Underground is all about. Overall I think it is a wonderful place to socialize and create. It may not be the mecca of studying for all people due to its quirkiness and volume but it definitely is a great place to meet up with others. I think the Underground was made for the creative type of student (I might be bias due to my creativity). So, personally, if you want to go to the Underground and quietly study I would not recommend so. However, I think some certain students with killer concentration would be able to get away with being able to study there.

I would like to end my review by inviting performers and artists everywhere to check out the Underground Coffeehouse. The music venue feel will draw you in and maybe even make you feel as if you were in a coffeehouse in New York. It is open to the public and anyone is welcome to enjoy the calming energy given at the Underground. Hope to see you there!

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