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A journalist of Hackers, Bodies, Technologies and Internets. ‘’Useless in terms of… tactical details’’ -Stratfor

Everything Is Broken

Once upon a time, a friend of mine accidentally took over thousands of computers. He had found a vulnerability in a piece of software and started playing with it. In the…

Punching Idols

Garry Trudeau can say anything he likes about Charlie Hebdo. He can even join the internet and lecture me and others who have reflected on the massacre and tell us what he thinks we should think or do about it. It’s cool, because that’s a part of vibrant free speech.

I think he hasn’t looked closely at the debate he’s taking a side in, but it’s not for me say…

Life After Death

Fame I Didn’t Ask For

The moment I understood that life was going to be different was when I heard that his name was trending in Bangalore. I was…

A Week of Fame

The Message Reflects

This week, the Message will be bringing you essays and stories about fame — its glory and lack of, its horrors…

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Getting real security is going to require a consumer revolt

One Does Not Simply Send An Email

And Other Lessons for a Safer Internet

Last week, I received an email from the marketing bit of an NGO. This is not an uncommon…

Attribution is hard

Did British Spies Use NSA Data to Spy on You?

Find out.

For the first time since Edward Snowden revealed the indiscriminate spying of the Five Eyes national…

We Should All Step Back from Security Journalism

I’ll Go First

I started studying the computer underground back when I worked in tech, as an early web developer, in…

I Don’t Know if Je Suis Charlie

But in Paris, the lines between freedom, anger, and extremism are messier than we can admit.

By Quinn Norton

Quinn’s 12 Tips for Beating Christmas Blues

It’s almost not enough to say I love Christmas. I frickin’ love Christmas. I just about always have a great time. My Christmases are full of…