The Iceman List
Tim Carmody

Ahem. Beverly Hills Cop is a a Tao-worthy masterpiece about balance.

It’s totally the point of the whole movie that Foley’s life is falling apart, and the BHP department can’t get a life, because each of them live without balance at the ends of a spectrum of order and disorder. They’re all the heroes, and they’re all failing at the beginning of the movie. Foley’s carelessness will never get the bad guy, but he has a metis that the by-the-book detectives can never develop. They move each other into being, as a group, balanced force. Foley learns to rely on others and coordinate with the hierarchy in ways it understands, and Rosewood, Taggart, and even Bogomil learn that there is a place for intuition and personhood in their roles as police. Taggart and Bogomil are never the bad guys, and they didn’t look wrong in the 80s, they just looked strange from the perspective of Foley, who also looked strange to them.

Also this is basically the only cop movie I can stand.

Also also, Foley is right. Stop snitching.

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