the following is specific to my experience.

people joke about projecting onto their dnd characters.

…especially people who are projecting onto their dnd characters.

it’s not hard to do when you create someone from nothing, give them a backstory, a life, an adventure, a purpose. it’s not hard to do when you get to play them on a regular basis, always growing and changing. yes, it’s them, and you can separate it all you want, but at the end of the day — it’s you.

when i started playing dnd in earnest, i pulled out all the tools my acting…

am i enough of a woman?

i do not live at a fixed point — i live in this nebulous space, ever in flux, ever perplexed by myself. i am frequently told i am “not non-binary enough” for those spaces, but always feel uncomfortable enough in women’s spaces that i tend to shy away now. i hear women i look up to, powerful women, speak of women’s solidarity, women’s problems, strong women. it no longer feels like they’re speaking to me.

nebulous space can be very lonely.

when i tell people i’m a demigirl i am often met with vacant…

the importance of self-care in research and advocacy

in searching for positive representations of mental illness and other under- or misrepresented groups, you inevitably have to sift through negative media. it’s extremely important work — you have to do thorough research and highlight the a piece’s core problem in order to prove there is, in fact, a problem. you have to know your enemy.

so what do you do when your enemy is riddled with triggers?

my insomnia’s been getting the better of me lately, which has lead to many youtube and reddit rabbit holes — harmless, silly things to pass the time. one night i started on…

(content warning for domestic abuse, sexual violence, and descriptions of PTSD. please take care of yourself.)

11 years ago
“i love [abuser] SO MUCH!!!!”
pictures of me, kissing him on the cheek
“[my name] belongs to [abuser] ❤❤❤
pictures of me, patches of foundation along my throat
“i love you babyyy. i’m the harley to your joker, forever and ever”

that boy threw me down a flight of stairs. i had forgotten about the details. i buried them for self-preservation, unable to understand what i was going through in adoring someone whose form of adoration appeared in…

quinn b. rodriguez

nonbinary (she/they) freelance writer & sensitivity reader, ttrpg creator, actual play-er, and variety streamer

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