Intuitive Organization

Becoming organized is easier than you might think. 
You may believe that the standard for being organized is to “have a place for everything and everything in its place.” However, that approach is an outmoded concept and lends a sense of dread to process.
If you are already a fastidious and methodical person, the approach mentioned above would suit you quite nicely. Of course, if you were, you would likely not be reading this article. 
The truth is, organization must be geared to the organizer. It must reflect the inner workings of the person imposing the order.
The question you must ask yourself is; “How much does my environment conform to my habits and preferences?” If you are the type who places your car keys in different locations, depending on your energy and your mood; a hook on a wall will not do. 
However, if you tend to toss your keys on the nearest flat service, then place a flat surface nearby for just that purpose. This will make it easy to form an assigned location for your keys.
If you shape your external space to match your internal space you will find yourself quickly and permanently organized. It may not resemble the sterile orderliness espoused by the Felix Unger’s of the world, but it will be an orderliness that is tailored to your needs. Clarity, simplicity and peace of mind can be yours, if you will simply learn to match the space between your walls to the space between your ears.

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