An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

one day years ago, I finally realized that I am responsible for my life. things I have done, or things I haven’t done. things I have been given and things I was not given. things I kept and things I gave away. . when it is all said and done I am the only one who controls my life. all of it, my future my past and the present. my destiny if you will. I sympathize and empathize with your situation and with the unfortunate predicament, you are in, but who controls your life?

I was not born in the USA but I know I die here thank god because it is a country where everyone has the chance to be in control of their own life and control their own destiny.

more then likely you were not held at gunpoint made to move into your apartment or take that job. college was probably not forced upon you either nor was being given your grandfather’s automobile. All these things are part of your life you have the choice whether or not to go to college or accept the car or take the job. it all is a part of your life ,your destiny, and this with many other things will just be a story you will tell when you are much older. telling this story will also be a choice you have. because it is your life in the land of the free and home of the brave.

very brave was your letter and I whole heartedly agree your pay could have been more and your CEO is overpaid but it’s his company that’s his life thats his destiny. if it was so horrible then walk away. you are free to do that, or take a day holiday and inquire into other employment elsewhere. I was completely behind you 100% proud of you for speaking up because that is your god given right to do that. until I saw your hand out at the end of your post at that point I realized you do not have any appreciation for how well off you are. maybe not at this exact minute but at some point in your life you have been given many more opportunities then some and have had many more ”luxuries” (for lack of a better word) then alot of other people have had.

some 8 Yr Olds dream of eating not having a credit card.

grandfather’s car? like many I never knew my grandparents let alone have something of theirs.

you went to college ? I went to prison instead of college because of bad decisions I made. That’s right decisions that I made. it was my choice in my life. my destiny.

You take the train to work? with a car in the driveway….. I walked to my first job at age 13 for $2 an hour so I could eat. I would pocket sceaps from the buffet so i could eat on my days off. And This wasn’t the 1930’s during the depression or a third world county this was the 1980’s in America that had Ronald Reagan and seemed to be perfect.

While I agree nobody needs millions of dollars, and you deserve to make a little more money considering the size and estimated value of your employer. but to go to the public with this sort of thing. Is a choice you made for your destiny.

like I said at first only you have control over your life , your destiny.

I overcame many obstacles in my life. Bigger ones then having 10 lbs of rice to eat. but i am in control of my destiny i decide what happens to me in my life.

now ?? years later I am in charge of operations for a distribution company in the midewest I actually make a decent salary. I even got a company car last year. and I started at the very bottom, doing an entry level warehouse position slinging 100lb bags of product for $.09 each. thats 90 cents i made for every 1000lbs i lifted. and you think your tired after work. ?.

I never publicly bad mouthed my employer about my job deserving more pay and trust me it did. BUT I took the job I stayed at the job and at least I had a job.

you have been more fortunate then many have and you should count your blessing for that. not everyone gets to have rice.

I hope I am wrong but from my position you are now unemployable. umemployable for fear of what you may say about your next employer nobody will take that risk. this letter should never had been made public from a career point of view. so I hope you having your hand out (calling them both gimme) pays off for you. because I fear your job search just got a lot harder. like I said you had completely won my heart and admiration till this gofund crap. enjoy living on welfare off of my taxes.