“Veganism Is Not About Loving Animals,” an article writen by Caitlin speaks about the lack of empathy humans have towards animals. Before reading this post I thought that it would only talk about animal cruelty but going into depth, Caitlin made some agreeable points. People who are anti-vegans think of vegans as people that are unhealthy and lack protein. Caitlin is not vegan for the reason that she loves animals, but because she does not see herself superior to them. After watching a video she posted along the article about pigs being on their way to be slaughtered, it made me feel their pain because no one should be enduring the pain these animals are. Since I am an Animal Science major and working hands on with cows, it is hard for me to tag their ears and have numbers attached to living beings. This is when I have to set aside my pride and just do it because it is what I am told to do so. Caitlin in this situation does not think it is right to have barcodes on animals. She made a great point by comparing humans and animals, “We can’t personally love every human on this planet, and I’m sure there are many that we wouldn’t even care for, but it’s wrong to intentionally harm or exploit humans nonetheless. Rape, slavery, abuse — none of it is ever justifiable.” I do believe that vegans speak the mind of an animal for the reason that they think twice about what these creatures go through. The difference of species should not determine the difference in how one should be treated. Catilin also states, “Every living being should be free from torture, free from exploitation, free from intentional suffering at the hands of another.” I am personally not a vegan, but the author made some justifiable points that did make me rethink my thoughts because animals are no different and by thinking they are, we lose our humanity.


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