Beyond the Music — The Skeleton Clique

Twenty One Pilots has completely redefined the term “fan base” and created a community centered on the impact of their music.

The Ohio-based band, Twenty One Pilots, is reshaping the music scene with less-than-average lyrics and a more-than-dedicated fan base — The Skeleton Clique. The musical duo, consisting of Tyler Joseph (vocals/piano/bass/ukulele) and Joshua Dun (drums/trumpet), creates metaphor heavy lyrics about darkness and hope, and has a mixed-genre sound that is attractive to a diverse amount of music listeners.

Since the release of their “Blurryface” album in 2015, nothing has slowed Twenty One Pilots down. Their songs “Heathens”, “Ride” and “Stressed Out” have sat on top of Billboard’s Top Rock Songs Chart for the past year and gone multi-platinum. This band has also won multiple music awards including a Grammy, a Billboard Music Award, and American Music Awards.

This attention has brought many more people into their fan base than had been established before “Blurryface” and long before all the awards. The Skeleton Clique is dedicated to supporting Twenty One Pilots because of the impact of their music. These are individuals with stories of depression, suicide, mistreatment, etc., that have found refuge and hope in the music.

The Emotional Roadshow, their most recent tour, came through Sacramento, CA. Here are a few stories from the Skeleton Clique and a few shots from the sold out show at the Golden 1 Center.

Sacramento, CA — Emma (blonde) and her group of friends on February 11th, 2017. These girls were part of the first 10 people in line (numbers seen on each of their hands) and a few of them had camped out in front of the venue as early as four days before the concert.
“I’ve been in line since 3 pm on Friday afternoon, but my friends have been waiting since Tuesday. I’m here to see @twentyonepilots. Their music has given me the oppurtinity to make new friends (such as the ones in the picture) that all are able to support everything we do.” Emma, 18
Sacramento, CA — Elona arrived at the venue at 8am, but had been up since 4am getting her band-inspired make up and outfit perfect. She struggles with depression and anxiety, but has found an “escape” in Twenty One Pilots’ music and turns to it often for hope, so waiting in line, for her, was worth it.
“I’ve been in line since 8 a.m. I’m obviously here to see the amazing twenty one pilots! I went through a really rough time a few years back. My anxiety went through the roof and my depression got worse. But, listening to twenty one pilots really helped me kind of hide from it. If that makes sense. They were my escape.” Elona, 16
Sacramento, CA — Tucker has two different tattoos relating to Twenty One Pilots, one of them pictured above. As an Art Director, Tucker has been highly influenced and inspired by Twenty One Pilots. He has had the opportunity to personally work with the band and designed the drum head for Joshua Dun that is being used on this tour.
“I got in line at 10 this morning and drove 8 hours from Oregon to get here. I saw Twenty One Pilots for the first time summer of 2013 and it really inspired me to be a creator and find purpose through creating new and unique spaces. It’s because of them that I’m working as an art director in the advertising industry. My coolest story about them was getting the email from Mark that they wanted me to help design Josh’s drum head. It’s still unreal to me”
Tucker, 22
Sacramento, CA — Sylvia (sunglasses) flew down from Seattle, WA, and waited in line for over 12 hours to get a good spot at the show. Sylvia struggles with depression and anxiety since moving to America from England. She was introduced to Twenty One Pilots by her sister and has used it to express her feelings.
“I moved to America from England four years ago with my family and I’ve been having a hard time since. About a year ago I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety. Since I was little I’ve always loved music and used it as a way of expressing myself. The same summer, one year ago, that I was introduced to Twenty One Pilots, by my sister, is when I was diagnosed. I instantly loved them, and learned the ukulele as soon as possible, it wasn’t too hard as I have played guitar for five years. I flew to Sacramento with my friend and bandmate, Morgan, from Seattle where we live, to come to the concert.” Sylvia, 14
Sacramento, CA — Julisa, 19, shows off the background of her phone (a photo of the band) while dressed up in Twenty One Pilots inspired attire & make up. Julisa says she would be, “a shell of a human…without this music.”
“This music has given me purpose, it’s helped me to understand myself and the things going on inside. I would be a shell of a human who is lost in the world without this music, I wouldn’t have the people I love in my life without this music. All of this makes me who I am and helps me to love others, myself and life.” Julisa, 19
Sacramento, CA — Aliyah draws a portrait of the band while sitting in line outside the venue. Aliyah runs a fan page for the band and is an artist highly inspired by Twenty One Pilots.
“Tyler and Josh’s music has helped me through depression and my anxiety, and they’re fandom has helped me feel like there are people that love me. They’ve also helped me with my art, before I found out about Tyler and Josh, I never was inspired to draw. But the moment I found out about them, I started drawing every day.” Aliyah, 13
Sacramento, CA — Maggy puts up the Twenty One Pilots hand symbol while dressed in band-inspired attire. Maggy says the music “keeps [her] going”.
“The band really brought me out of a dark time and the real reason my girlfriend and I bonded was because of our connection in the music and band. It was and still is something that keeps us going as individuals and a couple. The music is really inspirational and never fails to make anything a good time.” Maggie, 17
Sacramento, CA — Group of girls who met in line at the Golden 1 Center and stood together for 12+ hours because they wanted a good spot in line at the concert.
“We love Twenty One Pilots and came here originally for them, but we fell in love with Jon Bellion along the way. This music has brought us closer together as friends. We make memories singing their songs at 2am, sing at the top of our lungs, and thank God that Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun were put on this earth. We understand and relate to the lyrics, falling in love with them more each day. TØP leads our lives, and we gladly let them. How we got to this concert is a funny story. We live in Eugene, OR but we drove all the way to Sacramento just to see them. That’s about a 7 hour drive. When we were about 4 hours into our drive, we realized that we left the tickets at home. So we turned around and drove all the way back to Eugene to get them, and then straight back to Sacramento. We arrived at 3:30 a.m. and got in like around 8 a.m. We’ve been here since then, so almost 5 hours. But it’s all worth it to see Tyler & Josh” 
Taylor Mashore and Jayme Dias, 19
@twentyonepilots impacted me by helping me stay positive about a lot of things and really pushed me to want to go into music. A few of my friends and I went to one of their concerts and later decided to form a band of our own. We aren’t really serious yet, but it’s a really cool experience. We really love music and they really gave us the motivation to start it.” Morgan, 14
Sacramento, CA — Tyler Joseph, of Twenty One Pilots, surrounded by fans during “Car Radio” at the sold out show in Sacramento.
Sacramento, CA — Tyler being held up by the crowd during the concert finale.
Sacramento, CA — Twenty One Pilots preforming “Holding Onto You”, while fans record a well-known part of the show — Josh’s backflip.
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