What does the data say about reasons to learn and practice a new language?

There are several for reasons for people to learn and practice a new language. The main reasons span from business- and work-related needs, to learning a new language to live richer cultural experiences. Paul Nation, the famous linguistics researcher from New Zealand has devoted a lot of effort to this field, which got summarized in this easy-to-read book.

At Brother Tongue, we have collected some data on that matter. In our population of users, the main reasons to learn a new language are shown below:

Reasons to learn and practice a new language

Learning a new language because you are or intend to become an expat dominates the list, followed by work/business needs. This is somehow expected, given that in most countries people typically learn new languages to get a better job, a promotion, and/or to pursue better opportunities in other countries.

However, it's interesting that lots of users are learning a new language just because they are curious about it, and to travel. And there's a lot behind this! For instance, there's a recent trend of people learning Italian because of their family roots and/or because they want to visit the country with the highest number of UNESCO heritage sites. French is still top on the list of studied languages, and a lot has to do with the fact that France is still the top tourism destination in the world according to the United Nations (full report here).

How does all of this impact your learning?

The answer is simple. Depending on your motivation to learn a new language, here at Brother Tongue we can automatically fine tune your learning path according to your needs — thanks to our didactics framework built on top of data and the recent developments of the linguistics field.

And you … why are you learning a new language?

Até a próxima!

Fred Quintão, Product development

Brother Tongue — the new language learning solution

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