Quinta Systems Technology provides you the best asset tracking management for Business.
 A Beacon tell you where any given asset is at a given time. It shows accurate position of the equipment. So, there will be no loss of the equipment. Much faster and more accurate finder of the equipment. If something goes down, you can track it right the way. Using beacon is very easy, simply attach a Beacon to the item and manage the device from main server.
 In India a- lot- of organizations using and experimenting with RFID chips. These chips are useful for limited range and in small rooms. But they are not recommended to use in big warehouse. The main advantage of these devices are we can deploy these devices in groups.
 These Beacon devices is more secured devices when we compare to RDIF chips. These devices have more control over broadcasting and accepting the signals. In major places like hospital, like Medical scanners and devices are frequently moved from one room to room and floor to floor. So, tagging them with Beacon devices makes perfect sense.
 Warehouse management is a very time-consuming process and huge man power is involved. Employers are often to scan and record in and out of the various stock from warehouse to warehouse for transit, and stocking often involves manually recording each and every item in turn.
Using Beacon, it’s easy to monitor the position of a given asset or container of asset. You can also receive the real-time information on position and stock levels of the product. Transport hubs or even an individual vehicle can easily be equipped with beacon monitoring equipment. so, any asset can constantly be monitored.
These reduces logical workload, Increase the security and enables business to optimise logical workforce. The capability of quick locate and distribute goods can offer a real competitive advantage.
 By using Beacon devices, we can also monitor parts and material during the manufacturing process, which again can help to avoid bottlenecks in the process and aid fulfilment, this is the low-cost way to gently improve the process at manufacturing process.