Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been gaining major ground recently. From placing 7th in a CNN candidate ranking analysis to polling first in key early states, the recent gains are somewhat unexpected given a multitude of recent events.

Firstly, despite the media letting the Warren campaign’s conspiratorial claim of sexism off the hook, it appears the Democratic base has overwhelmingly backed Sanders over Warren in this issue. Clips of Sanders supporting a female president go back to before Warren deregistered as a Republican, alongside a whole host of issues with the initial charge of sexism.

Secondly, the New York Time’s decision…

President Trump’s chances in his bid for reelection in 2020 aren’t as good as many suspect. But the reasons for why go beyond viewing his relative unpopularity in a vacuum.

The Peaks and Dips

On FiveThirtyEight’s presidential approval tracker, the President has remained within a ten-point band of popularity past his first week honeymoon, bouncing between around 35 and 45 percent. The “high-low” value, the difference between the peak and bottom popularity, has historically averaged a little over 45 points since Carter. For Trump, that number is at most 11 (using Gallup figures), meaning that partisanship is so strong for him that there are…

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