Are You Ready For The Start Of Hunger Games 2017?

by Quinton Lewis February 01, 2017

“The system broken, the school’s closed, the prison’s open
We ain’t got nothing to lose motherfucker we rollin’,”

Listening to the lyrics of Kanye West 2010 single titled “Power”, I harp on the upcoming year of 2017. The things Kanye said in the above quote, are ringing true more than ever. The system is of course, broken. Even though school’s are open, they really are closed due to the lack of practical knowledge not being taught. To top it off the prisons continue to open and profit from free/cheap labor. Are you ready for the start of Hunger Games 2017?


If you have not seen the trilogy of Hunger Games, I suggest you stop reading this and go binge watch all of them. They always say, that the people in control of media will always tell you something before it happens. In the case of the film Hunger Games, they indeed told us what the future will look like.

Trump is president and he will force you to produce 4 yourself or literally be in a hunger game. I wrote an article recently titled “How Trump Being President Will Force You To Produce 4 Yourself” and I explain how Trump’s plans will make things uncomfortable for people.

With talks of building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, which affects production in agriculture since most of it’s labor comes from illegal immigrants. When it comes to labor costs, the need to hire legit workers raises expenses for farmers. Again this leads to higher food prices. Higher food prices mean less money in your pocket after everything is paid for.

Not only is our food going to be affected, but corporations are already ten steps ahead on trying to reduce their labor costs to make more profits. Our jobs in America are slowly dwindling.


Now you probably look at this statement like, “how are the schools closed, I drop my kid off everyday?” The schools are closed because they are not teaching the practical knowledge to take care of oneself. School teaches you how to be an employee, dependent, and comfortable within the system.

Take it from a person like me who teaches gardening classes at a local elementary school. What I observe is a system preparing children for prison. Just the way the teachers try to control every aspect and how the kids walk in lines as if they were already in prison. I can look at the children and tell they don’t want to be there. They are only doing it because they have to by their parents.

This is even the case for all public education including college. We need to look more into self education more than ever. Do you really think a system that allows GMO food in all the stores, is going to encourage you to produce for yourself?

The prisons are indeed open and waiting to be filled with fresh people. Prison is nothing more than another private business. They get free labor via the prisoners to take on the big contracts the prisons receive.

Believe it or not, the harder it gets in America, the more prisoners will be funneled into the prisons because people will be forced to produce 4 themselves or turn to crime to feed their families. And that’s when the trap will be set up. Trump is a businessman and like he said, he wants to “Make America Great Again”. It’s all in the words!


With the start of the real Hunger Games set to begin in 2017, what are we to do. Produce 4 Yourself. I’m not just saying that because it is the movement that I started, but it really is the answer. As corporations slowly get rid of employees, they will do more sub-contracting from smaller businesses.

This means that you must set yourself up to receive contracts and other opportunities. Big business’s only want to hire when they need it. In a book that I’m currently reading titled “The Vanishing American Corporation: Navigating The Hazards of a New Economy” it says something that caught my eye.

“Anyone with a credit card and a Web connection can create an enterprise, from incorporation to production to distribution.The economies of scale that gave birth to the modern corporation have disappeared in many sectors. Lightweight entrants can scale up or down rapidly by renting rather than buying capacity, and their low cost means that in many domains they are a superior choice for consumers.”

This confirms that we all have the opportunity to produce! There is no excuse. Everyone has a credit/debit card and the internet is in the palm of our hands via the mobile device. The opportunity is there, we must act.

A major point that we must come to realize is the difference between money versus currency. Currency is the paper. We have to detach from it. Money is a commodity like soap, salt, relationships, time, etc. Real valuable things. Attain skills that will benefit you if there is no paper. Add value to the marketplace. Become more valuable.

If you are currently working a job, it is okay. Begin to use your time wisely. That time you spend after working watching your favorite show or anything unproductive, use that time to research your niche. Come up with a side hustle that can eventually turn into something better than your job.

In 2017 we all must become conscious of our most valued commodity which is TIME. Hunger Games 2017 is about to begin and we should all get prepared. Just like in the movie where all the people were divided into districts, fighting for their lives everyday, this is the same today. The reason it is not to the extent of the movie is due to illusions masking a lot of nasty things out there.

Are you ready for the start of Hunger Games 2017? Join the movement of Produce 4 Yourself and subscribe.