Create Content By Documenting Your Journey

I have to give credit to one of the all time great marketers of our time Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiring me through his content to write this article. Listening to his video one day and I heard him saying something so profound which was, “document, don’t create.” Boom, it hit me! Those words felt like music to me because it was exactly what I felt I was already doing.

My mentor Craig Sotkovsky always talks about telling your experience because you are the expert. We know in today’s digital world that it’s all about creating content around whatever it is that you do, so by looking at it as documenting rather than creating makes it so much easy to handle.

Document Vs. Create

Many people that I talk to about content creation get so bent out of shape and intimidated when I say you have to create content. It sounds like this big colossal mountain. My response to them is to always look at it like you are documenting rather than creating.

By documenting your journey you will have a lot of content to decipher and choose from. Remember it’s a day by day journey so you don’t have to hit a home run on the first pitch. Creating content is about quality and quantity. You need a lot of good content. This will build your brand. People will begin to like, know, and trust you. This will lead to opportunities.

A great way to look at it is like your writing in a journal. Being transparent with your audience and just documenting your journey.

Another major key to consider as well, is that all of the upside in the next 10–20 years will be in story telling in a mobile first environment driven by video. Document your journey by vlogging. Easiest thing to do because some do not like to write. I love to do both! By doing this you will connect with your specific knowledge that will gravitate to your message.

Start Now

My biggest point I want to drive home is that if what you do or what you want to do is your passion or at least something you love, then it should be something that you are doing on a daily. So documenting and coming up with content around what you do, should not be hard because it should already be apart of your life.

There is no excuse. As stated in one of my previous blogs, you are your own media company. You have the tools necessary to do all the documenting you want to do. You can get your product, service, or message out to the right people so you can produce 4 yourself.

It’s just a matter of getting over those little mental barriers that hold us all back. So guys begin to create content TODAY by documenting what you do.

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