What You Should Know About Photography Before Booking Your Next Photographer

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Capturing a perfect moment in history can be a stressful process. Whether you decide you want to photograph your family’s Christmas or headshots for a job, you may start feel overwhelmed from the thought of coordinating the event.

As you start your research of Tennessee-based photographers you increasingly common a term, popping up in google, called shoot-and-burn photographers. Before you go down the Google rabbit hole, let us help you decide whether you need a shoot-and-burn or a full-service photographer.

Comparing Definitions

When choosing a full-service photography company, like J Way Photography, you will immediately know the difference from a shoot-and-burn photographer by our value. Evidence of the value we provide are:

  1. Attention to detail when taking and editing every photo.
  2. Partnering with you on the photo planning session.
  3. Providing styling options such as makeup and attire.

Of course the options listed above are just a taste of what a full-service photography company can do for you.

As for shoot-and-burn photographers, the same options could be available but at a premium price. Here are a few reasons why shoot-and-burn photographers do this:

  1. They usually shoot photography as a hobbyist.
  2. They lack the necessary licenses needed to offer additional services.
  3. They remove the cost of printing forcing you to go through the printing process alone.

These points may not be a deal breaker to you until you learn how a full-service photography company further separate themselves from the competition.


We’ve showed you the differences between us and the competition. Let’s take it a step further but explaining the experience you’ll receive from a full-service photography company.

You may think it’s standard for a company to prioritize their customer during the photography process, but that’s not alway the case. As we’ve stated above, shoot-and-burn photographers may have intentions of placing you at the center of attention, but they usually don’t have the resources to do so.

With a full-service photography company, the capabilities are not only broader but also available at the customer’s disposal. Here are a few focal points you could expect from a full-service photography company like J Way Photography:

  1. The day is about you, so expect to be prioritized.
  2. Pampering is a must when you arrived on set, details shouldn’t be your concern.
  3. Professional assistance and printing services are included with every project.

Sounds pretty standard right, well it should be. However, every photographer won’t be able to deliver this level of service for various reasons.


You’re probably asking, how much will all this cost me? It’s a fair question to ask and hopefully you will be able to understand why there is a gap in pricing.

The cost to employ a full-service photography company will cost you between $800-$4,000. Once again, this price point includes the convenience of not worrying about how your photos will come out.

With a shoot-and-burn photographer, you can expect to pay between $100 — $400 for your photography project. Keep in mind the additional value full-service photography companies, like J Way Photography, offers are not available at that price range.

We hope that this article helps you in making an informed decision on employing the right photographer for your next shoot. Let us know if you have any more questions because we would love to help you plan and execute your next photoshoot.

This article was powered by Quinton Wash in collaboration with J Way Photography