An open letter to Wells Fargo customers
Hillary Clinton

As a representative of an incumbent political administration that failed to aggressively prosecute the greatest white collar crime in recent history, your empty promises ring hollow. This piece is an obvious ploy to gain traction among disaffected voters, especially democrats who supported Sanders. In fact, it is vapid, opportunistic rhetoric like this that alienates voters and drives the electorate into the death embrace of MadMen like Trump.

Please stop spinning news cycles for personal gain and instead attack the Beast that is unrestrained capitalism with more aggressive proposals. Refusing to defund consumer protection agencies and offering vague promises of bank restructuring are weak political tactics.

We need more extreme measures to solve the current crisis. To start with you could propose that companies repeatedly found guilty of fraud be disincorporated. Amoral corporate culture is virulent and spreading globally. The best remedy to fight this problem would seem to be aggressive regulation accompanied by severe punishments including decapitation of incompetent management teams.

All the best, I still hope you get elected.