5 Seductive Facts You Should Know About Thanos And Lady Death

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Apr 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Thanos is a creature who acts with intention and many times, in Infinity Gauntlet and after, his pursuit of Lady Death led him to create a genocide. But do you really know their relationship? Here are five facts you should know about Thanos And Lady Death:

Their Relationship Is One-Sided:

Thanos becomes obsessed with the concept of Death as a teenager. He, of course, got to meet Death itself and thus began his strange obsession to become entangled with the Lady. He woos her in the unlikeliest of ways, creating the Infinity Gauntlet and killing everyone in the Marvel Universe just to make her happy. Death, on the other hand, does not really reciprocate his feelings, often toying with the Titan for amusement and ulterior motives.

Lady Death Never Spoke to Thanos:

When Thanos began his pursuit of the Infinity Gems, he expected Death to respond positively with his actions. He did, after all, kill a whole lot of sentient beings and made many enemies because of Death. Lady Death, however, is a hard lady to impress. She refused to directly address the Titan king and often sent her minions to deliver her messages.

Thanos Created A Female Titan To Make Death jealous:

Thanos often acted recklessly when Death ignored him. In one of these episodes, he created another titan called Terraxia. The titan was exactly like Thanos except that she was female, and like her creator was also pretty violent. Terraxia was also responsible for killing Iron Man by ripping his head off.

Death Nearly Left Thanos For Deadpool:

In the 2015 crossover series Deadpool Vs Thanos, Lady Death becomes involved with Wade Wilson, often visiting him when he is physically in his worst state. They start interacting more, even leading to Death’s decision to leave Thanos for Deadpool. Thanos discovers them and reacts like the worst boyfriend ever. He curses Deadpool with eternal life just to prevent the two from ever getting back together again.

Thanos Killed Lady Death (Literally):

In the Earth X series,

The relationship between Thanos and Lady Death has become strained. Death has become weary of Thanos and tricks him into believing that she is the person he hates the most in his life-his mother- and messes with his head. Mar-Vell reveals the truth to him and the heart-broken titan uses Mar-Vell’s ultimate nullifier to destroy Death.

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