6 Supervillains That Are Almost Impossible To Beat In Hand To Hand Combat

Supervillains are of two types — first, there are bad guys who possess insane superpowers like Thanos, and then there are those who are physically dominating such as Bane. Here’s the list of those Supervillains:


This Captain America villain is known for his amazing knowledge of arms and ammo, and his sheer skill in hand to hand combat. He was trained by Task Master himself and then was hired by HYDRA. He has been a tough contender for the cap on several occasions and was able to beat Bucky (Winter soldier) in a long bloody battle in the comics.


Bane is known for his brute strength and exceptional intelligence, that even batman is not able to match sometimes. He is the only character who has been able to ‘break the bat’. Along with his strength and combat skills, he goes under the venomous influence which makes him so fast and strong that batman is not even able to land a single bow on him.

Ra’s Al Gul

The leader of the ’league of assassins’ has been practicing every form of combat for centuries as he keeps reviving himself from the Lazarus pit. His age differs from comic to comic but he is the master of martial arts and can take down an army of ninjas by himself. He even beat the justice league by using batman’s methods.


This Marvel anti-hero has the ability to shape-shift into anyone or anything. The cells in her body allow her to hide in plain sight and attack by adopting the abilities of anyone she changes into.she is so flexible and agile and her cells are so regenerative that they don’t allow her to age a normal being, that means a lifetime of experience in kicking ass!


Slade Wilson is a mercenary and assassin who was originally the archenemy of Teen Titans but now writers have established parallels between him and Batman. He is a master swordsman and marksman and is trained in all forms of martial arts. With all these abilities and increased superhuman strength granted by various experiments done on him by the US Military, he becomes an unbeatable contender.


Taskmaster is a marvel villain who has unlocked the memory potential in his brain by injecting himself with a modified super serum, so he is able to replicate anything he sees. So he is able to take down anyone by learning their moves and skills. He has never been beaten in one on one combat.

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