Project 1 Reflection

I’m still amazed by how much you can accomplish in a week when you really want to get things done. After coming from a situation where I learned to work at a slower pace (unfortunately), working at this pace is refreshing.

Project 1 was fun to complete. I got to see the ux process in action — from meeting with and interviewing the client, to setting up the flow and basic appearance of the app, to presenting the final (sort of) product. My video presentation could be better, but I’m still a little awkward speaking into a microphone. This will be something to improve as the class progresses — I really want to improve my presentation skills.

Though it was a fun project, I still faced a few challenges. The main one being time, of course. With just a few days to complete the project, that’s understandable, but still — I would like to have everything done at a reasonable time relative to the presentation and submittal due date. I also wish that I had met with my client more often, or at least have had a more final version to show her besides a few sketches.

I would like to do more research on the generally accepted gestures and motions in an app. You want to make it clear to your users how to use the app, but using some accepted knowledge doesn’t hurt. I would definitely like to be able to use this knowledge going forward.

Overall, I think this project went well. Feedback from my peers indicates that I told the story well, which is really surprising to me. Ask any of my friends and family members and they will tell you that I’m the LAST person they want to hear a story from. But that’s great, and it shows that you can improve your skills if you work on them!

I’m looking forward to the next projects.

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