Quiver launches the world’s first secure file sharing app, which gives you complete control of your documents

Quiver, through its unique security technology, offers a safer alternative to WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Dropbox. It is also the only app which allows you to share files through mobile numbers

Amsterdam, 2 March 2016 - Quiver, an Amsterdam based startup and a digital information security specialist, has developed a smartphone application where users can safely share digital files. With this app, users can share all photos, videos, and documents stored on their mobile device through Quiver, on their own terms.

Security and maintaining control of your files is an enormous problem in the digital world. It is impossible to know what happens with your files once you click send. Without thinking twice, you share important documents, such as a copy of your passport, via email or another online service. But, how can you be sure that these files will not fall into the hands of the wrong people? And how do you ensure that your shared files are returned without being misused or copied?

Quiver has the answers to these questions. By thinking outside of the box when it comes to security and by making a user-friendly service our top priority, Quiver allows you to retract your documents even if they have already been downloaded. With Quiver you decide who, where, when, and how your documents can be accessed.

How does it work?

Quiver is free to use and works similar to cloud storage services such as Dropbox . It’s unique in offering unlimited free storage and sharing through mobile numbers. After you have downloaded the app (iOS and Android) and created an account, you can share your files with other users. With every file you send through Quiver, you can attach several levels of security such as:

Geolocation: The file is only accessible at a location chosen by you, such as your home or work.

Time: The file is only available for a certain period of time such as a couple of seconds, two hours, or several days.

Copy/Edit/Print: With this feature you can prevent unwanted edits, copying or printing of your documents.

Screenshots: Select this option and screenshots will become impossible on iOS, Android, or desktop computers.

Forwarding: Prevent your file from being forwarded to others without your consent.

Revoke: Whenever you want, you can retract the file and everyone in possession of your file can no longer view it, even if it was already downloaded.

Trace: Receive real-time information on your files’ usage: who opened, forwarded, screenshot, or downloaded it, etc.)

“Almost every day there are news reports about leaked data and identity fraud. At Quiver we encourage digital sharing and online collaboration and strive to make this possible for all of our users. But, this must be done in a safe and user-friendly manner. We want to provide companies and individuals with a safer alternative to Dropbox. Our ambition is to surpass Dropbox as the number one file-sharing app. The Quiver team is convinced this will become a reality with our cutting-edge technology. With Quiver you’re always in complete control of all your files, everywhere.” Django Lor, CEO and founder of Quiver.

About Quiver

Quiver is an Amsterdam based startup with offices in Lisbon and Palo Alto, California, which provides a secure way to easily share documents, photos, and videos. Recently proclaimed by Dell as one of the top 50 most influential startups in the world, the app ensures you complete control of your digital files. The sender decides who, where, and when a file can be opened, edited, downloaded or printed, while keeping user-friendliness as a top priority. Quiver provides an extra security wall, which makes sure that documents are handled according to your rules. This makes Quiver, in the area of co-operation, a safer alternative for services such as Dropbox or Box.

More information for the press:

 Laura Nuhaan
+31 (0)20 520 6989

E: laura@quiver.net 

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